Yoga wear Yoga wear is the expression which refers to every gear, materials, and clothing that are required or at least recommended in the practicing of Yoga. There are few real requirements when it comes to choosing the correct Yoga clothing, you don’t need numerous accessories; you can choose to wear simple things such as pants, cotton sport bras, shorts, leggings, tees, camisole tops, tank tops, a no logo t-shirt and more. Short and long clothes don’t matter, as long as they don't affect the movements of your body. As you will develop your technique in time, you will need certain equipment.

Is significant to mention that India, the land where Yoga was developed, has no concept of Yoga wear at all Yoga is practiced in a wide range of clothes. Usually when practicing Yoga, Indian men wear Dhoti (which is a rectangular piece of unstitched cloth folded and draped around the waist and the legs), women wear loose flowing garments.

Although fashion imperatives may be a deciding influence on what somebody wears, more significantly is the fact that your Yoga wear must be comfortable, flexible, and functional, at this point denim clothing should not be considered as a possible choice. Your clothes should encourage your independence of movement, elasticity and flow; keep in mind that comfort is more important than appearance.

You can be fashion without being unnecessarily frivolous, you really don’t want to wear clothing which advertises sex, drugs and rock and roll, or that show your private body parts, or anything that distracts your classmates.

Another important point is that the material used in your clothes should reflect the philosophy of Yoga, the wear should be made from natural organic cotton, bamboo, hemp and other natural fabric as these provides maximum comfort.

There are certain important points that the Yoga Clothing that you choose should satisfy, the following are some of these:
  • Comfort: Your Yoga clothes will determine how easily you can adapt into Asanas, your Yoga clothing should be comfortable to allow your body to move and to make you feel confident while you are training. If your clothes are too rigid, they will prevent you from moving freely.
  • Attractive: You should choose Yoga clothes that look and make you “feel good” as you proceed with the practice.
  • Right Fit: The Yoga clothes have to be right for your body frame.
  • Durability: Your Yoga clothes should have double seams and durable manufacturing. Organic cotton and hemp are naturally stronger.
  • Sweat Absorbance: The yoga clothes should not end up making you sticky and moist, if a fabric is irritating or lacks absorbency, it won't make for a enjoyable yoga workout. Cotton is a very good choice, it feels good against the skin, keeping it free from irritation and allowing the body to breathe.
  • Colour: The Yoga clothes must not be in too bright colours that can distract from the meditative approach of Yoga. Pastel and white colours are preferred.
  • Health: Protect your health and the health of the world by selecting organically grown and manufactured clothing. Conventionally grown cotton consumes twenty-five percent of the pesticides used in the world.
  • Life Sustaining: When you buy Yoga clothes, look for clothing that has been manufactured in an Ethical and Fair Trade.
You can find fashionable and comfortable Yoga wear practically anywhere, due to the fact that yoga is such a well-known and popularly practiced activity.