What is Yoga Yoga is part of ancient Indian spiritual discipline focused on develop and maintain a natural balance between body, mind, and spirit improving life quality to our lives; in fact the word Yoga came from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means “to unite”, “to control”.

Yogis (practitioners of Yoga) believe that in order for man to have emotional stability and clarity of mind, he has to integrate the body, mind and spirit, to achieve this Yoga uses exercise, breath, postures, relaxation, and meditation. The body is the primary instrument in man’s work and growth.

The continued practice of yoga will lead you a sense of peace and well-being, Yoga makes the body strong and flexible, improves breathing control, prevents muscle soreness, meliorate circulatory system, put pleasure on the glandular system and also provides a feeling of being at one with their environment. Yoga brings a new positive reception of life and of who you are, you will manifest less objects attachment, more facility to enjoyment and more patience toward others.

In west Yoga is mainly associated with the practice of Asanas. The Sanskrit word Asana refers to the practice of corporal Yoga postures or poses, each Asana has specific physical benefits, each posture is held for a period of time and coordinated with the breath. A full Yoga session includes Pranayama (breath control), relaxation and meditation.

In Meditation, Yogis bring the activities of the mind into focal point resulting in a “quiet” mind, Yoga help to centre the mind and relieve stress. Additionally, Yoga has immense potential as a treatment for chronic diseases and conditions that do not react well to usual treatment methods; Yoga practitioners develop concentration, serenity, and communicative skills.