The contemporary world is characterized by day after day stress, fatigue, and contamination. Yoga provides people a refuge away from the everyday disorder and entropy. In simple words Yoga makes you feel really good, better than before. Yoga helps manage medical conditions such as anxiety, back pain, blood pressure, chronic fatigue, depression, diabetes, headaches, heart disease, stress and other diseases. Yoga helps free us from limiting beliefs and gives us control of ourselves. Yoga keeps the body in shape strengthening and toning muscles, Yoga trains the mind to be strong. Yoga encourages optimum bloody supply to all the organs. Yoga is about being in the world. Yoga gives emphasis to love, compassion, self-knowledge and right action as philosophy, and many other benefits.

¿Is Yoga a Religion?

No, Yoga is a philosophy that has endured five thousands years, although, because of its roots, Yoga has been associated with the Hindu faith, but, Yoga does not meet the definitions of any religion and have no connection with religious beliefs. Yoga improves the religious practice of beliefs of practitioners, no matter what their current beliefs. Even if you don't believe in the religious side of life, you can still practice yoga.

Yoga is a science, an art and a way of living, Yoga is not a religion but a spiritual practice; the philosophies of Yoga are universal and can be incorporated within any belief.

Facts to Know:
  • Yoga is thousands of years old. Stone carvings in the Indus Valley depicting yoga Asanas date back 5,000-plus years.
  • Yoga started out in the East as a spiritual philosophy focusing on meditation, but in the West it is usually seen as a physical exercise.
  • A male who practices yoga is referred to as a yogi, while a female who practices yoga is called a yogini.
  • Yoga should not be confused with Pilates, Pilates has more of an emphasis on the physical than spiritual.
  • Yoga can be practiced by anyone who wants better health.
  • You can start yoga at any age.
  • Western science has been studying Yoga for almost 50 years, and the evidence shows abundant physical and psychological benefits from Yoga.
You can work on some Yoga techniques throughout the day, for example:
  • On every occasion you feel tense, exhale and drop your shoulders.
  • When you are walking, be conscious of the contact of your feet with the floor, and centre your attention on your breathing.
  • When you are standing for a long time, be conscious of your breath and relax your shoulders.
  • Be aware of your spinal column as you walk, stand or sit.

How to Use Yoga for Controlling Cholesterol

Various studies suggest that yoga can help curb cholesterol naturally without any harmful side-effects on the body. Practice yoga for 20 to 25 minutes for lowering cholesterol naturally. Within 15 days you will see good results definitely. Another Important action for lowering cholesterol naturally is the reduction of fatty saturated foods such as Hydrogenated Oils, Coconut, Butter, Cheese, Cream, and Processed Meat. Check out to discover all low fat food has long been hailed as important for cholesterol lowering.