All you need to practice Yoga is a comfortable place to sit or stand, Yoga equipment may not be required, but there are few useful things that can improve your concentration and keep you away from external disturbances, take note that is essential to feel relaxed and comfortable when practicing Yoga. The essential yoga equipment includes clothing, mats, blankets and straps. Abstain to wear jewellery during Yoga practice.

These are, of course, other optional equipment to practice Yoga. Students may also use Yoga Jewellery, Yoga music, Yoga videos, Yoga Mat Bags, Yoga Bolsters, chairs, and wedges among other props.

Yoga Mats:

Yoga Mats The Yoga mat also called a sticky mat is probably the most important piece of Yoga Equipment and may be the first one you choose to acquire; a standard sized yoga mat is 24" x 68. The Yoga mat helps to define your personal space. A Yoga mat improve balance and coordination, provide comfort, padding, friction and enhanced safety, also absorbs the sweat perspired by the body while doing Yoga activities, they also provide traction for your hands and feet to prevent you from slipping or sliding while attempting to do a Yoga Posture. Many mats are made from synthetic materials; make sure that your mat is non-toxic and bio-friendly.

Yoga Clothing:

Yoga ClothingYour clothes should allow you to move freely, sweat absorption is another factor that you should look for in your Yoga clothing. Consider wearing camisole tops, tank tops, T-shirts made of organic cotton, shorts or exercise pants. For women, wearing a sports bra is recommended.

Yoga Blankets:

Yoga Blankets Yoga Blankets helps you feel relaxed and comfortable during your Yoga session, the Yoga blankets are props to sit and lie on during a Yoga Session, they provides warmth, padding, extra height and absorbs sweat, they can be made from wool, cotton, acrylic or other materials, Mexican-style blankets are the most popular. Yoga blankets can be used as substitute to the Yoga Bolster. Yoga blankets are popular with practitioners of Bikram and Ashtanga Yoga.

Yoga Straps:

Yoga Straps Yoga straps, also called Yoga belts, are highly useful for Yoga beginners; Yoga straps help you ease into stretches, help maintain proper alignment, to extend your grasp and makes difficult yoga poses more achievable. Yoga straps can be made out from cotton or nylon.

Yoga Blocks:

Yoga Blocks Yoga Blocks help you to make yourself more comfortable and improve the correct alignment for your pose. Yoga blocks should be dense enough to support your full weight; they can be made from foam, cork, wood or even bamboo.

Yoga Shoes:

Yoga Shoes Yoga is most often done barefoot, however, for hygienic motives, some choose to practice Yoga in socks or shoes, this is tolerable for some Yoga teachers but not for others.