YOGA EXERCISES There are types of exercise designed to build up the muscles through mechanical and repetitive movements and exercises, Yoga exercises as designed to build up not only the body, Yoga also build up the mental power and the spiritual capabilities.

Yoga exercises help you to make stronger your body, to increase your flexibility and balance, to calm your mind, gives you energy and promotes harmony between your body and your mind. Yoga can be practiced for people of all ages; one can change positions easily until to satisfy your own needs, one can improve the experience using a variety of appropriate props such as cushions, chairs, walls, floor mats and other items.

The Asanas has grown in Western as a popular form of entirely physical exercise, Vinyasa is a flowing sequence of postures or Asanas which helps to improve the blood circulation, bring stability and force to the body, the senses, the mind and the perception. Pranayamas are breathing exercises useful to achieve different results, for example the body becomes healthy and the voice becomes melodious.

The appropriate location to practice Yoga is essential in order to get the real benefits of its exercise, usually a location which gives serenity and silence can be considered ideal, this will help to focus and attain the desired result. A excellent time to practice Yoga is in the early morning, before breakfast, another moment for Yoga is early evening just before sunset, is significant remember that you should not perform it within two or three hours after having eaten. During the practice focus on your Asanas; don’t worry about external factors, follow the instructions correctly, and take your time. After such stimulating exercise, a sense of rejuvenation follows.

Hatha yoga uses Asanas like the “shooting bow” and “sun salutation” to increase one's physical and mental energy, relaxing one's mind and body. Bikram Yoga enlarges on this, utilizing twenty-six positions that have been developed to help the body heal.

The continuous practice of Yoga Exercises brings numerous health benefits, many conditions are cured these includes addictions, heart disorders and backache, other diseases are improved, these includes headaches, sleeplessness, diabetes, menstrual pains and many others. Weight reduction is easier while practicing Yoga Exercises; Yoga helps to clear the passageways inside the body, oxygenate the body better and relieves anxiety-based ingestion.

The incorporation of Yogic practices in conjunction with other types of exercises will greatly aid in minimizing fatigue and exhaustion, giving you the energy to keep going when you begin to feel tired.

If you have problems to complete a posture or feel any discomfort or pain, do not push yourself. Yoga Exercise is not a competition, so just relax and try again; or try other pose, do not try Asanas which are beyond your capabilities.