YOGA LESSONS A Yoga lesson consists of simple techniques that can be practiced by everyone, A typical yoga routine can last anywhere from twenty minutes to two hours, the difficulty of the routine can vary from simple breathing exercises to full demanding workouts, Yoga can be learned in a gym-location by a Yogi or at home from Yoga books and videos.

There are some useful tips to take during the practice of Yoga in order to acquire satisfactory results, some of these are:
  • There is no precise time for doing Yoga; although the time most suitable for Yoga is in the morning before breakfast.
  • Try to practice at the same time every day so that your body becomes familiar with the rhythm.
  • Adjust your practice to your agenda and biorhythms.
  • Practice Yoga habitually and continuously, at least 15 minutes every day.
  • Practice Yoga only once a day.
  • Try to practice at the same place habitually, this place should be well ventilated, free from dust and unpleasant smell, even a corner of a room can be your yoga place.
  • If you take a class, do not enter late or leave early.
  • Yoga is best done on an empty stomach; wait two or three hours after eating before practicing; if you must eat, have something very light. If you practice yoga on a full stomach, you might experience cramps, nausea, or vomiting.
  • Try to eat a balanced diet, avoid hot food, excessive spices, coffee, tea, alcohol and drugs.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing.
  • You should be barefoot for the active postures.
  • Start with the easy poses and then proceed to the hard ones.
  • Breathing is as important a part of yoga as the stretching.
  • Relax in between Asanas for 6 to 8 seconds. Take time to breathe, the breathing should be long and deep. The mouth has to be closed and inhale and exhale only through the nose.
  • Pay attention to your body, if you are injured or tired, skip poses you can't or shouldn't do, or try a modified version.
  • Rest at the end of the practice of an Asana.
  • Don’t use cell phones or pagers during the session.
  • Women should not practice yoga for the duration of their menstrual periods. Pregnant women should take care to practice reasonably.
  • You can use a Yoga Mat and other accessories for some postures.

savasana To see a part of a Yoga Lesson, let’s see an example of a Yoga Asana, the “Corpse Pose” or Savasana which is one of the most valued Yoga Asanas. The Savasana may look like a simple relaxing pose but is difficult precisely because the position is so simple. That is done in between or after an Asana, but this exercise requires a lot of concentration and will develop through continued practice. The Savasana is beneficial for insomnia, for feeling fresh after a tiring day.

  1. Come to lie down on the back.
  2. Let the feet fall out to either side.
  3. Let your arms fall alongside the body, but slightly separated from the body, and turn the palms facing upwards.
  4. Rotate the spine by turning your head from side to side to centre it.
  5. Ensure that there is no tension in your body. Let the body feel heavy, focus the mind on the breath.
  6. Let the breath occur naturally, mentally say “inhaling” while you are inhaling, and “exhaling” while you are exhaling.
  7. Hold the pose for several minutes. Make your mind still and concentrate on your breath or your body.
  8. To come out, first begin to deepen the breath. Then move the fingers and toes, awakening the body.
  9. Bring the knees into the chest and roll over to one side, keep the eyes closed, using your legs, push yourself onto one side.
  10. Slowly push yourself in a sitting position. The head should always come up last.
Stay in this pose for 5 minutes for every 30 minutes of practice.

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