YOGA FOR WEIGHT LOSS Psychological pressures, sedentary lifestyle, wrong food habits, lack of exercise, hereditary predisposition, endocrine glands problems could be some of the causes resulting in weight gain. It is always prudent to study reasons and symptoms of obesity, before giving prescriptions for loosing them. A continuous Yoga practice combined with a regular exercises routine, a cardiovascular workout and a healthy diet will help you to reduce your weight. So, you now can learn how to lose body fat practising yoga, here you can red some interesting tips for weight loss.

Doing Yoga regularly increase your self-acceptance and self-esteem, you feel better about your body, quieting the counterproductive messages that frequently arise in your mind; you are more likely to take proper care of your body. Yoga teaches to have respect with our own body, choosing our food and keeping away from junk food and alcohol.

Yoga can be practiced at any age to keep the body healthy, you can begin wherever you are and make steady evolution. The regular Yoga practice improves relaxation, coordination, eliminates stress and tones completely the body in a uniformed mode.

Through different Asanas we can lose weight, some of the Asanas work on the internal organs of the body, improves digestion, eliminates constipation, improves blood circulation, water retention, stimulate endocrine glands (has a large influence on the appetite pattern) to increase their hormonal secretions, for example, the “fish posture” and “shoulder stand” are particular for the thyroid gland.

Losing weight can become a tedious and complicated task to overcome goals and not decay in high spirits here are some tips to lose weight without losing heart: calculate body fat, drink more water than usual, consume more fiber, avoid junk food full of fat, go to bed early, at any time acometas reduced calories at once, breakfast daily, exercise regularly. Be happy and healthy is easier than it seems!

Asanas are useful in reducing the fasts of various parts of the body. Forward bending, backward bending reduces the fat coats near abdomen, butts and thighs. Tree pose, hero pose, swinging lotus pose are helpful for burning fats for arms and legs. Triangle pose, locust pose, camel pose, wind releasing pose, cat pose, angle pose, aeroplane pose are also useful to reduce body weight. Sun salutations have a relaxing effect on mind. Pranayama acts as vehicle for energy management

Certain styles of Yoga can be effective if you need to lose weight, by example Iyengar Yoga in which yoga poses are held for quite a lot of minutes and Vinyasa Yoga where movement and breath link poses together. Other useful types of Yoga include Bikram Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, and Hot Yoga. These styles can build muscles, improve posture, potentially result in greater calorie burn and raise the metabolism, if you plan to use yoga for decrease your weight, you must do a energetic, 90-minute yoga class at least three times a week. This is not the fastest way to lose weight but it will help to tone your body and more essentially yoga helps you feel better physically and spiritually.

Another aspect of Yoga is that it increases control over mind and behaviours, including eating habits, and decreases anxious consumption. When one is stressed one tends to eat without getting much pleasure and satisfaction causing troubles to the body. With regular yoga practise one will reduce comfort eating, become naturally more relaxed and able to cope with everyday problems.