Bhakti Yoga is the Yoga of devotion and focused love. It is one of the oldest Yoga styles, its roots can be traced back to the revered Vedas. The practice of Bhakti Yoga is considered one of the ways to be directly connected with God. The word “Bhakti” is derived from “Bhak” which means “to be attached to God”.

Bhakti Yogi typically practices meditation by visualizing, thinking and sensations that the Lord is in front of one, the relationship between God and the devotee creates a very peaceable mood that makes the practitioner much more conscious of his environment. Love and devotion purifies individual character and cleanses the mind. There is not a bit of hate, dislike, resentment, envy, fear or prejudice.

A Bhakti Yoga practitioner follows a vegan diet full of naturally grown foods to maintain the body calm and not excessively stimulated.

There are no fixed ways to practice Bhakti yoga, it all depends from your personality. Some persons may use external aids such as images of saints, chanting or singing and use of Mantra. For those persons who find it hard to concentrate during meditation, prayer and chanting are an immense help.

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