Karma Yoga Karma Yoga, based on the teachings of the Bhagavad-Gita, is one of the most practiced Yoga styles. Karma Yoga emphasizes spiritual practice to decontaminate the body, mind, and heart teaching us to act unselfishly putting emphasis on altruistic action and service; this is the only way to eliminate the impurities lurking in the mind.

The message of Karma Yoga is that: “One will have to serve humanity doing the right thing alongside the Power that runs the universe without any attachment, egoism or compulsive desires, when action is done without the expectation of a reward one will be able to live in the present”. To realize this, it is helpful to keep your mind focused by repeating a mantra while occupied in any activity.

Karma refers to the universal theory of cause and effect: “good actions produce good results and evil actions produce evil results”, karma theorizes that past actions suppose consequences and effects. The true devotee of the karma path acts without consideration of gain.

Karma yoga is a way of life: Mahatma Gandhi illustrated the spirit of Karma Yoga.

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