The word Mantra comes from the Sanskrit Mantrana, meaning suggestion. A Mantra is a word, phrase or syllable that is constantly repeated, the rhythmic repetition of mantras is called Japa. It is used to help focus the mind improving concentration. Mantras bring wonderful results in the physical, mental and spiritual levels, when they are pronounced correctly or else all their projected effect would not come.

Mantra Yoga has its source in Vedic Sciences. All the verses in Vedas are called mantras, it is said that any individual who can sing Vedas can attain the ultimate salvation or union with supreme consciousness.

Mantra Yoga means union by voice and sound and refers to the reiteration of mantras during various Yoga meditation techniques, the practitioner repeats the word, phrase or syllable repeatedly, on occasions for weeks, months or years until he/she transcends mind and emotions and the super-conscious is clearly revealed and experienced.

Other types of Yoga include:
Mantra Yoga

Hatha yoga
Vinyasa yoga
Ashtanga yoga
Iyengar yoga
Kundalini yoga
Bikram yoga
Kripalu yoga
Sivananda yoga
Raja yoga
Mantra yoga
Purna yoga
Bhakti yoga
Jnana yoga
Karma yoga