Raja Yoga Raja Yoga means “liberation through meditation”. Raja Yoga is a one stop solution for absolute and holistic healing. Often recognized as the “Royal road” or the “Royal path”, Raja means “Royal” or “King” is one of the six Astika schools of Hindu philosophy. Raja Yoga is concerned on the examination and control of the human consciousness achieving total liberation and bringing balance to one's life.

A Raja Yogi starts his spiritual preparation with his mind, although a certain minimum of Asanas and Pranayama are regularly involved as training way for the meditation and concentration. The correct practice of Raja Yoga will take your focus up in the direction of your Ajna, or third eye, which is situated in the centre of your lower forehead. Raja Yoga require a Yogi to assistant you during the practice.

The school of Raja Yoga prescribes to a scrupulous meditative system, Raja Yoga meditation is the process whereby the practitioner concentrates upon one point in order to integrate diffused concentration and obtaining the transformation of its body and its brain, a Raja Yoga practitioner can alleviate its emotional and mental conflicts. A Raja Yogi comes into synchronization with other human beings and environment.

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